Establishing “caves” in 1964 nearly 50 years ago in order to provide professionals and a large public of ‘connoisseurs’ with the best that the actual market is able to provide. “I only like the best” that is the founder’s aim and the company’s aim in order to serve our most demanding customers.

We moved our business from Europe (France) to South America (Ecuador) and lately to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a gourmet heaven with a potential market and people looking for good quality food and willing to pay for it.

We want to embrace several eating habits and cultures and share our world wide experience with our customers.  We are fanatic defenders of natural food and extremely demanding with our suppliers in order to satisfy and protect the well-being of our clients.

Caves currently has over 1000 active customers in the world, including all the major supermarkets in Hong Kong and many of the leading hotels, restaurants, clubs, caterers, and other food service operators. We are also actively working on developing new markets in Macau and mainland China.